Silicone pipes are among the most popular and trending hits on the smoking market. They have not been here for long, but smokers have embraced them more than anything else. The manufacturing companies are offering a variety of designs for the pipes hence customers can choose what they want. Besides being colorful, one of the main reasons why smokers love silicone pipes is because they are indestructible like glass pipes.

What Is Silicone?

We can describe silicone as a hybrid between plastic and rubber. It has been used to make different types of items like food containers, cookware, baking pans, utensils to mention a few.

Benefits of Using Silicone Pipes


Silicone is heat resistant and very flexible. You can bend, fold and stuff them in your travel bag without worry that it will break. If you love camping, music festivals, and road trips, silicone makes the best smoking device for you. In addition to that, the material is very resistant. You will never see cracks or breakages which is common with glass smoking pipes.


If you ask many people, they will tell you that glass smoking pipes break anytime anywhere. But this will never happen with silicone. It does not matter who handles the silicone or how much pressure you exert while cleaning, one thing for sure is that silicone pipes will never break.


Compared to glass, silicone is lighter, meaning that you can carry it anywhere anytime. You can fold it in any shape and throw it in your travel bag and no one even yourself will notice its added weight.

They Are Affordable

Silicone pipes are produced in large numbers making it affordable. Their prices are much less than custom-made glass rings and bongs. Can you imagine that you can find a beautiful silicone smoking pipes for less than $40? Showing how affordable they are.

Easy to Clean

The fact that silicone is flexible makes it easy to clean. We require metho spirits and salt to clean glass pipes. Classy people go ahead to use Powerball? But hey! All this is not necessary with silicone pipes. One thing with cleaning is that it is always easy to clean something if you are sure of what you are doing and this is the case with silicone pipes. It gets more fun to clean silicone because you will not be risking breakages from vigorous shaking or pipe cleaning.…