Why Pod Vaping Is the Best Way to Quit Smoking

Quitting cigarette smoking will always be tough for someone who had smoked for many years. You may have to need tons of determination and motivation to be able to succeed. As it is said that tobacco smoking is addictive, quitting cigarettes does not only mean breaking a bad habit but also getting out of addiction, which makes it doubly hard.

With all the rigorous campaigns against tobacco smoking because of its hazardous effects to our health, many cigarette smokers have shifted to vaping. Through vaping, a hardened cigarette smoker who wants to quit tobacco smoking once and for all, may not be able to feel the drastic change of lifestyle which may prevent him from going back to his unhealthy habit.

Pods Are Portable

portableTobacco smokers will always carry with them their cigarettes wherever they may go. They will surely be very uncomfortable when they have not placed some packs of it, especially if they are on a long trip. Wherever they may go, they will slip and smoke even with a strict ‘no smoking’ regulation in an area.

Pods resemble the size of cigarettes, so they are convenient to carry wherever you go. The appearance of cigalike vapes may have more semblance to cigarettes, but they have less battery life than pods. This means that you may have to bring more cigalikes if you are travelling, which may not be very convenient.

Closer Semblance to Cigarettes

Bringing bigger-sized vapes may prove to be inconvenient also. Vape pens, tube mods, and box modes are usually bigger than pods because they are packed with bigger or more batteries. If you have been a cigarette smoker for most of your life, it may feel awkward to be lifting these heavier and bigger vapes to your lips every time you want to smoke.

Pods can be operated manually or automatically. For someone who is shifting from tobacco smoking, choosing the pods that need no manual operation is ideal. Automatic pods allow you to vape without having to turn on any button which is the same way when you smoke cigarettes.

outdoorsSupports a Mild Shift from Tobacco Smoking

Pods come in two forms. They are either closed or open. When you have difficulty quitting your tobacco smoking habits, an open pod may be more suitable for you. Closed pods have pre-mixed ingredients, and you may have to choose the flavor that suits you. Open pods are refillable, which allows you to modulate the level of nicotine concentration. This is truly ideal for those who want a step-by-step transition from their old smoking habits.…