Common Uses of Magnets

A magnet is an object that produces a magnetic field. This is a type of force that pulls or repels various objects. Different types of magnets are usually categorized depending on their source of magnetism and composition. Permanent magnets, temporary magnets, and electromagnets are the popular types we have. Permanent magnets maintain their magnetism when magnetized. It is different in temporary magnets, which lose their magnetism when they are not in a magnetic field.

Electromagnets are made up of wired coils and work as magnets in the presence of an electric field. Permanent magnets are commonly used in a wide range of applications. Choosing the right kind of magnet is essential. You should look for the right one to use for several types of applications.

One thing you need to consider is the magnetic strength. Look for a type of magnet that can help you carry out some of the difficult tasks you are doing. You should also look for a size that can work correctly in different areas you intend to use. Materials used in making these magnets also matter. Get one that will work correctly for your kind of application. The ability of a magnet to withstand certain temperatures also counts. There are several common uses of magnets you should know. They include:

Lifting Heavy Items

Magnets can be used in lifting heavy items in several areas. They are commonly used in industries and ports. We have seen them attached to metal containers in ports and other things used to carry certain products. Magnets used for such applications are very powerful because they help to lift heavy items.


nonpermanent magnetsMagnets are also present in several electrical appliances. Electric motors found in most devices use electricity magnetic fields to generate force. This makes it best for use in different electrical appliances that require electricity to create motion. Perfect examples include blenders, electric bells, dishwashers, and garage door openers.

Food Manufacturing

Different industries that manufacture packaged food also use magnets. They play an essential role in getting rid of iron from processed food. Bits of metal from the manufacturing equipment can fall into the food that passes through during the production and packaging process. This poses several risks to the health of consumers. A magnet can help get rid of all the bits of iron.…