How to Keep Your Followers Entertained on Twitter

Twitter is a social networking platform used by many for different purposes. Businesses are some of the major beneficiaries of the app because of how they use it as a marketing tool. Reaching out to a broader audience is much easier using this social networking platform. There are a couple of features on the app like hashtags that make it easy to reach out to many people out there.

Twitter is also a great informative app. You will get real-time updates on different things happening across the world through the app. The trending topics section on the app is one you can utilize to understand happenings across the continent. It is easier to know what is happening in other parts of the continent because you can change the location settings.

YThe app is also a great entertainment tool. This is because you can access various types of content that will keep you entertained. All you have to do is follow the right Twitter handles that post quality content. You can also play a role in keeping your followers entertained. Here is how you can do it.

Post Captivating Videos

Twitter entertainment is all about the content shared. One thing you can do is post videos that will capture the attention of your followers and leave them entertained. This could be short, funny clips. Look for high-quality videos to upload. You can also record yourself using the app doing something funny that will keep your followers entertained. The other way you can share videos on the platform is by going live.

Share Funny Images

You don’t have to be funny to keep your followers entertained. Sharing content from other people can also leave them at the edge of their seats in laughter. The meme culture has taken over the interwebs. You can also be part of it by creating or sharing funny images that will leave your followers entertained.

Funny GIFs

GIFs are short, animated videos or images. There are so manyTwitter button of them that are funny and can keep your followers entertained. You should get some of these funny GIFs on Twitter. The other option you have is making your own and importing them. Using them in your engagements or posts will capture the attention of your followers. Try these options to keep them entertained on the app.…